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A vibrant international community of young people coming together to help one another. 

To further support and engage with young changemakers we embarked on a creative journey to make a Youtube Channel like no other. On Earthed, we feature stories of young social entrepreneurs and creatives sharing their most heartfelt advice about how to begin making an impact. 

Earthed is a space filled with diversity of mind and plenty of unconventional questions and answers. We'll continue growing the Channel into a place where any young person eager to change the world, can get empowered, find out about resources and see the global community of people just like them. If we can see it, we can be it!

Since Earthed is a small and growing community, we really like to hear from You. What are your suggestions for fun content, potential guests to host and ways to make the channel 10x more helpful for you. Don't be shy. Anything goes, really

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